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Project DIYA

A unique query platform for information about everything Corona-related.

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In these times of crisis, when Corona virus has hit almost the entirety of the world, Pucho has decided to take a participating step and come upfront to fight the situation with knowledge. We all know that wrong information leads to severe cases of negligence and in this phase of Covid-19, misinformation has lead to fatal results.

We at Pucho understand our responsibilities and also the fact that without your help we would not be able to drive our initiative Project DIYA as widely as we aim to. Our team has limited resources but unlimited enthusiasm and dedication and we promise to reach every nook and corner possible, with the needful information. 

You could make Project DIYA more powerful by donating to us as we are running on a very limited portion of our resources. If you’re interested to collaborate in developing this platform and ensuring its availability through your participation, then please reach out to us at the earliest so that we can team up and make Project DIYA even more efficient.

We believe that Project DIYA will become successfully empowered with your goodwill and resourceful collaboration. 

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