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Breaking Language Barriers Across The Globe

What is 'Pucho'?

‘Pucho’ - our flagship product, is being built on a next-gen platform where queries can be made in any language either vocally or in text/video/image form and information will be available in voice, text, image or video form based on the type of query, in the language of the user.

In essence, it will be a search engine that will provide you with knowledge not just from existing websites and online sources (like most search engines do) but also from offline sources, verified information from peers who are present on-ground in real-time.

Our Uniqueness

Pucho’s uniqueness lies in uniting the ‘disconnected’ segment of our world – in essence, Pucho will provide them with all the knowledge available to everyone else on the internet with the touch of a button in their native language (and specific dialect) on their feature phones as well - YES! you heard it right – on FEATURE PHONES as well!

Tech Behind Pucho

We have developed our own Speech to Text (STT) Engine, Text to Speech (TTS) Engine, Image and Video Recognition Engines based on AI algorithms that were trained with over 6 lakh hours of data. We continue to build this as AI is ever-evolving. We keep adding and polishing our product to include more languages, dialects, breadth of information, sectors, industries, governments, and the list goes on.

Thereby, the potential offerings include speech recognition in Major International Languages as part of a powerful Voice and Text Assistant, Voice and Face Recognition,Speech Synthesis through AI-powered speech/multichannel analysis. Moreover, we are integrating security for all our AI services and taking it to the next level in every sector.

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