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Our Story



The Seed Of Thought:
In The Words Of The CEO

It may sound cliched, (but so are some of the epic love stories), Pucho happened as a result of one of my most humbling experience in life. Hailing from the remote village of Madhubani, in the state of Bihar in India, my knowledge in English was deplorable. A simple task of filling up a form in English had become a hurdle for me - someone who aced almost every other subject in school and college. Fortunately, my English teacher back from school assisted me (along with giving a good dose of ‘why haven’t you learned English yet?’ speech). She is the one I have to thank for whatever English I learned thereafter.

But just that thought, of how a lot of information from across the globe available on the internet is simply not usable (even though it is available and free) for millions in Indian and abroad just because they are uneducated or sometimes educated yet not well versed in English, or because they don’t have access to the internet, was a great disservice to those hidden gems amongst us – is what led to the birth of Pucho.

I was just starting my career at the time, a young IT guy, loved coding, learning about latest technologies, always on the lookout for the value that would help me build something (I still didn’t know what at that time) which would make information access free and available to all in their matra bhasha (native language). I eventually started learning about Artificial Intelligence, doing projects on Kaggle for MNCs and gradually I became an expert in the field and it was during this journey that the substance of Pucho formed - A platform that would revolutionize the way information was shared, consumed, created, and made available to those of us who haven’t had the privilege of attending schools or learning, to those of us crippled by lack of “education in the right language”.

Who We Are Now?

Pucho is now a group of 160+ passionate people, working remotely but united in our vision of building the best voice-first information system (text, image, video also included) available for everyone – language no bar – internet no bar – device no bar.

Read more about our Flagship Product here.

Vikram Jha

Founder & CEO

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