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Project DIYA

A unique query platform for information about everything Corona-related.


Together we are better

Project DIYA is determined to ensure satisfactory user experience and therefore would need on ground experts to support this initiative to the fullest. If you belong to an NGO which has been working on this issue, or are anyone who has been in direct contact with the affected people in one or more regions, we would need you to understand about the detailed queries that people have developed so that we can respond to as many varied queries as possible. You would also be immensely helpful in spreading the know-how in the areas that would be in dire need of it.

Spread of information actively needs its availability on different platforms and a positive affirmation in favour of its validity. Therefore, we at Pucho, are aspiring towards building up strong partnerships with PR agencies, Newspapers, Radio Channels and Television Partners..

To make Project DIYA available on the web, smart phones as well as feature phones we need assistance from technology partners like cloud providers, GPU (academic institutions who have GPUs) and toll free number providers. We do not want any individual to miss out on the critical knit-grits about Covid-19 and therefore want to make ourselves well accessible and convenient.

We believe that the most viable and trustworthy agent of information about any critical matter is the government. Therefore we require the government’s support in deploying the product in different regions and assuring its access to the farthest of corners.



If you are interested in partnering with us please drop us a line and we will get back to you immediately.

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