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Project DIYA

A unique query platform for information about everything Corona-related.

Pucho has not come up with an initiative rather a step, a step towards the assistance of those who are in need of it. We call it “Project DIYA”. We at Pucho realize the gravity of the predicament that all of humanity faces. As our moral and societal obligation, we have designed a platform to provide answers, answers to all those questions people either don’t have a source to ask or don’t have anyone to answer them.

Pucho has utilized it’s proficiency and combined it with the will to give back to the world and formed an AI-based platform, a platform that can be accessed with and without an internet connection, a platform that can be accessed from not only smartphones but also from feature phones, a platform with multiple services which include a lot more than authentic information, news, updates and helplines, a platform that can be accessed in all major languages, and a platform that can be accessed by anyone and everyone.

How Project DIYA will work


The crucial part..

Every media outlet - be it TV, Radio or online portals - has been disseminating information about Coronavirus continuously, yet there is a whole population that is illiterate or don't have regular access to information on the internet or any other media - the labourers, the immigrants, the slum-dwellers and people living in remote villages. Without information and even worse with the wrong information, if the virus ends up spreading amongst this group of people, the result will be worse and no government will be able to prevent the disaster that will follow.

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